Maxim Spends New Year’s on the Highest Peak in the Crimea

It’s good to see that Maxim Shakirov, ever the tireless seeker of new adventure, is sticking with his unique New Year’s tradition, in spite of the fact that he just made it through an exhausting year of climbing.

Almost as soon as Maxim returned home to Russia from Antarctica, he was headed out once again, this time to the much warmer Crimea region of Ukraine. Maxim spent his most recent “New Year on the Peaks” atop the Roman-Kosh, at 1,545 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in the Crimean mountain range. As you can see in the pictures, the mountain was blanketed in a beautiful layer of powdery snow.

Maxim has kept with his personal tradition of bringing in the New Year atop a mountain for more than a decade now. We wish Maxim the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.


3 thoughts on “Maxim Spends New Year’s on the Highest Peak in the Crimea

  1. Вопрос- а Макс встречает Новый Год в одиночестве или с семьёй? Вообще, он, конечно же, Романтик.

  2. Если животное одичало, то оно было домашним. На следы домашних животных сие не похоже. Тогда чьи они? По-моему, нас дезинформируют. Это следы инопланетян, которые прилетали спасать планету от конца света. И в этой миссии несомненно участвовал НАШ МАКСИМ!!!!!

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