Team Alpari Back in Russia

The “Alpari: On Top of the World” trio made it back into their home country last night safe and sound. The team was greeted by friends and family as well as Alpari representatives and TV news crews at Moscow’s Domededevo International Airport.

Lyudmila Korobeshko, now somewhat of a celebrity, played the role of media darling, accepting a bouquet of flowers from Alpari and greeting the press with a charming smile. The reporters asked about what life was like on the expeditions, the difficulty of living in the mountains and, of course, the new records. Two national records and a new world record – now that’s quite a New Year’s gift for the country of Russia (brought to you in part by the folks at Alpari).

Earlier today the team sat down with television channel Moscow 24 to record an interview. The interview is scheduled to air on January 11, 2013 at 06:15, 07:15, 08:15 and 09:15.

In January, we will be holding a final press conference for “Alpari: On Top of the World”. As for now, the members of Team Alpari are getting ready to go on vacation: Ivan Dusharin is already leaving with his family to go skiing in Chimbulak (Kazakhstan), Lyudmila is heading to Prielbrusye (Russia) to celebrate New Year’s with her family and Maxim Shakirov, sticking with his plan to bring in every New Year atop a mountain, has already chosen the Crimea as his destination this year.

Stick around. There will be more content from Antarctica soon, including new journal entries, photos and videos from the team.


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